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House alarms – Do they work?

Long gone are the days when someone heard a house alarm and the local police office on duty would be there within a flash to investigate it. With many alarms attached to the mains electrics of a home, unfortunately they often go off following a power cut or electricity surge. This has made us as […]

Phone security

Phones are one of the most common items to be stolen. With some new phones costing close to a thousand pounds, thieves are targeting vulnerable people or those that are lacking the correct level of security. Phones are easily erased and sold on, making them ideal for someone wanting to make a quick buck. There […]

Is it time to upgrade your security system?

The current rise in home owners having more valuable items in their home, such as tablets, phones and gaming equipment, has led to a rise in the amount of people looking to increase the security of their homes. Many homes have the old style burglar alarms fitted with sensors in a few lower floor locations […]

Smart Water – what is it and what does it do?

You may recently have heard a lot about Smart Water but not known exactly what it is. Smart Water is the brand name given to liquid technology that leaves a traceable mark on anyone who comes into contact with it. This mark can be picked up using ultra violet light and therefore can detect stolen […]