Are your vehicles protected when parked on your drive?

Many home owners, even if they have a garage at their property, do not keep their car in the garage but rather park it on the drive, but how secure is your vehicle when parked there and are there steps you can take to increase the security of your car?

It is obviously important to make sure that your car is kept locked and that the windows and sunroof are closed. Most modern cars are fitted with an alarm and an immobiliser as standard so this should act as a deterrent to any opportunist thief who may come on to your property with the intention of gaining access to your vehicle. It is imperative that you lock your vehicle as your car insurance will be invalid if you have failed to do this.

It is certainly worth considering installing either a CCTV system at your property or a single security camera which captures footage of the car on your drive. Again, this acts as a deterrent especially if you install signage warning that CCTV is operating on your property. Should there be a break in whilst the car is on the drive you will have video evidence of the crime that the police can use in their investigations.

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