CCTV is a must for residential homes

Burglaries and crime is on the increase and more are more people are looking into ways that they can protect their home. CCTV systems have been around for some time now, but they have recently become more affordable meaning that it is not only the rich and famous that can choose to have them installed around their home. You may have mixed feelings on CCTV and you may worry about your privacy, but you need to weigh this up against the protection they can add. You may decide that you do not want a CCTV system installed inside your home but are happy to have one outside. This will ensure that no one can spy on what goes on within your home but you can still see anyone approaching your property.

Before choosing your CCTV system you need to read plenty of reviews and have a look at what sort of systems are available to you. IP cameras are a cheap and effective way or capturing images and video but they are often easier to hack in to and only work if your internet connection is live. Hard wired cameras will still record footage even if your WiFi is off making them much more reliable.

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