Helping with security in your home town

With crime on the rise many towns and villages are looking at ways they can improve the security in their local area. Villages and smaller towns often do not have much of a police presence and for this reason they are often targeted by criminals who are looking for a quick and easy way to make some money. It may be that these places do not have CCTV and that the nearest police station is a good few miles away. If a crime is taking place and reported, often the job has been done and the criminals have made off before the police have got to the scene.
Some communities have decided to come together to try and tackle the problem themselves. It may be that they start up a neighbourhood watch scheme or even a patrol team. Having a patrol team can help deter criminals and keep the streets safe. These schemes should be set up very carefully and ensure that everything that is done is within the limits of the law. It is also important for the people involved in these schemes to ensure that they are safe and secure when out and about.

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