Is there any point to dummy CCTV systems?

If you are concerned about the security of your home or business you may consider installing a security system such as CCTV. This however can be very costly depending on the areas that you want to cover if you have a small premise with not much valuable stock on site then you may want to instead install a dummy system which has false camera and signs warning of CCTV, this can deter criminals as long as you get a convincing looking system. The issue with these dummy cameras is that if there is a break in or any vandalism caused to the premises you have no evidence for a conviction.

Sometimes if you are going to the effort of installing false cameras you may as well pay that bit extra and actually install CCTV, that way you have the security of knowing that the premises is under constant surveillance and should anything happen you could have the essential evidence you need to hand over to the police.

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