Keeping your elderly relatives safe in their homes

For those people who have elderly relatives living in their own home it can be a worrying time. We want to keep them safe whilst also allowing them to maintain their independence as much as possible. To this end, installing a security system is a wise decision and brings peace of mind to both you and your relative.

The most basic system will be one that has door and window sensors and an alarm that activates should there be a breach in these openings. The alarm may be audible or may send an alert to a security company who then contact a pre-arranged person to respond to the possible break in.

Another type of security system acts on movement within the home. The problem with this type of alarm concerning an elderly person could be if they forget that the alarm is set and move around the house the alarm will activate or if there are pets in the home this could also set the alarm off.

Panic buttons for the elderly are worth considering. A lanyard or wrist strap is worn with a button that can be pressed if help is needed. This sends a message to the security company who contact a friend or relative relaying the need for assistance. The cost of this system is minimal and offers a level of reassurance to the customer living alone.

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