Keeping your property safe when you are on holiday

When you are away from home on your long awaited holiday the last thing you want to be worrying about is the security of your property but you can take steps before you go which will minimise the risk of your home being broken into while you are away.

The first matter to address is whether your doors and windows are secure. All windows should have locks and patio doors should be glazed internally so as to avoid panes beginning removed from the outside. Doors should have multi point locks fitted where possible but if your doors are of an older type and only have a yale lock, a 5 lever mortice deadlock should be fitted as an additional security feature.

A home security camera system is a good idea especially if it is compatible with a remote viewing capability that enables you to view footage from your cameras when away from home. This will give you the ability to view any suspicious activity and give you the opportunity to alert the police or neighbours about this.

If you are part of a neighbourhood watch scheme it is thought the incidence of burglaries in these areas are fewer making this a useful way of protecting your property.

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