Thieves beware-my caravan is protected

Caravanning has become increasingly popular as a holiday choice as people realise the freedom that comes with owning your own caravan and being able to have the flexibility to holiday where and when you want whilst being surrounded by your home comforts. Modern caravans are very expensive costing as much as a new car in some cases although older vans can be found much less costly but whether you have a top of the range luxury caravan or a cheaper version the need to think about security is paramount.

Obviously if someone is going to steal a caravan, they will need to be able to tow it away and so a hitch lock is a must. This needs to be a strong, quality product to deter would be thieves. Some caravan owners position the caravan so that it is difficult to get to the hitch by parking another vehicle in front of it or even remove the wheels or fit wheel clamps.

Door locks on caravans are not usually very substantial so a secondary lock is a good idea. Alarms similar to that on a car can be fitted which will activate if the caravan is moved. If fitted this may also mean that the caravan insurance is discounted.

If it is possible to direct any CCTV cameras that you have at the property on to the caravan this could act as a deterrent whilst also providing video evidence.

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