Use CCTV to protect your garden now

Many people regard their garden as an extension of their indoor living space and spend a great deal of money on garden furniture and features. If there is a pond in the garden it can contain fish such as koi carp that are expensive to replace and so now more than ever it is important to keep our gardens secure.

Installing CCTV in our homes has become more common as we try to protect our property from theft, so it is quite simple to extend this level of security to our gardens too.

When siting the CCTV cameras at the property make sure that at least one of the cameras covers the garden entrance and grounds. If possible, hide the cameras behind shrubs so that they cannot be tampered with but check that the shrubs do not interfere with the camera view. Try to protect the cabling from being cut by encasing it in metal trunking or hiding it. Better still fit a wireless system so that the cameras can be sited wherever is required and there is no cabling.

It is possible to fit a CCTV system without employing the services of a technician but if the job is complicated at all it is probably worthwhile getting a professional in to do the job.

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