Working as a close protection office

The job of a close protection office is very important and you need to have a certain amount of skills to do the job properly. Often close protection officers or bodyguards have a background in the military or police which they can use in their security role.

A wide range of people use close protection security such as celebrities, government workers and the wealthy. The job of a protection office is to ensure that their client is looked after and comes to no harm. They are often expected to work long hours and have their schedules changed at the last minute to fit in with the plans of the person they are protecting. They need to be able to think on their feet and to react fast to situations. Parts of the job can be quite mundane as it is often spent standing around. The close protection office will need to stay coherent even when things get a little boring as they need to be able to stay alert and respond to any situation that may arise.

Your timekeeping and organisational skills will need to be exceptional as well as being able to remain calm and professional under pressure.

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