Can I use a security system when I have pets at home?

Security is vitally important and is something that you shouldn’t take lightly.

For most people who have cats or dogs at home their old style burglar alarm often becomes redundant. These basic alarm systems work by detecting any movement and then triggering an alarm. This would mean you’d have to turn off certain sensors where the dog or cat could trigger them when you are out of the house.

Newer alarm systems are much more advanced now and can be programmed to allow for your pet moving around certain areas of the house freely.

There are also security systems that have sensors on your doors and windows that are triggered if these are opened when the alarm is in operation. These can be really useful as when the alarm is set before you leave a property it will alert you if a door or window hasn’t been closed fully.

There are so many different security systems on the market that it can be a little confusing. The best course of action is always to get a consultation with a security company so that they can advise you on what the best system would be to suit your individual needs.

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