Do you have the right level of insurance to cover you after a break in?

It is so very important to ensure that you try and protect your joke as much as possible. There are several ways in which you can improve your home security and try and avoid falling victim to a break in, but despite doing as much as you can to protect yourself and your home, you cannot always guarantee that you won’t be a target.

It is important to ensure that not only to you have a high level of security but also that you have the correct level of insurance set up to cover you should the worse happen.

House contents insurance is what you will have to claim. From if property is stolen or damaged. Although you can pick up a policy for as little as around ten pounds a month, it is important to read through all the small print and find out exactly what you are and aren’t covered for. If you have individual items that are of high value such as jewellery or technology then you may need to declare these separately to have them included under the policy. Always check the excess to on the policy as often brokers will keep the premium down by putting the excess up.

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