Helping you Decide on the Right Garage Door

Wood Garage Doors

If you want to buy garage doors with affordability and appearance as a priority, then wood garage doors may be ideal for you. However, wood garage doors are not known for their durability when compared to other kinds of garage doors.

Yet, there are certain wood garage doors that feature above average durability. One example of such garage door is the ones made from solid cedar. These kinds of garage doors will last for many years and they would also look wonderful.

When it comes to the wood garage door roll-up section, there are two kinds to choose from. There is the flush construction and the panel doors.

When you buy garage doors made from wood, the biggest drawback is they tend to expand and contract depending on the weather. As a result, the wood may crack or warp. Furthermore, wooden garage doors may need refinishing or re-painting after a couple of years to keep them looking good.

Steel Garage Doors

If you buy garage doors made from steel, then there is no need to worry about cracking or warping. Steel garage doors seldom need re-finishing or repainting, making them a very low maintenance and help keep your home looking stylish at the same time. Most of the steel garage doors nowadays are made from hot dipped galvanised steel and with a baked polyester finish. Because of this, they are rust-resistant and do not need re-painting.

If you like the feel of wood, but desire the durability and low-maintenance of steel, then you can purchase garage doors that are designed to appear as wood. You can find steel garage doors stained in a certain way, to look as if it is made from wood. Steel garage doors that carry a carriage house door look are very popular for quite some time now. Some manufactures even use vinyl boards as an exterior cover to an inner steel garage door.

The main disadvantage with steel garage doors is if they dent, then it would be very difficult and costly to repair.

Fibreglass Garage Doors

A fibreglass garage door is sometimes referred to as a GRP. The beauty of fibreglass garage doors is they need only mild cleaning to keep the looking new. Most of the time, they do not need re-finishing or re-painting. As of now, the most popular kind of fibreglass garage door is the retractable ones. These kinds of garage doors are tough and durable. However, the downside of fibreglass garage doors is they are often limited to some areas such as areas where light is important or areas with salty climates.

Before you go out and purchase a garage door, make sure you have the right kind that will fit to your situation. Hopefully, after reading this article, it will give you better insight when it comes to buying the right kind of garage door for you.

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