How to keep safe online

With so many more of us using the internet at home to do day to day tasks such as online shopping I is vital that we remain safe. Not only are us adults having to use the internet more but with all most children working at home too they are also spending a lot more time online or on devices that are capable of being hacked.

IT is very important to ensure that you have a decent antivirus package installed on all of your devices. This is the first way to protect yourself. Windows has its own firewall built in which should not be turned off. If you are experiencing issues with connecting something, do not be tempted to turn off the firewall, instead add an exception for that connection only.

If you have any emails or pops asking you to click a link to log in, ignore it and go through the proper channels to get to the genuine site. It may be that you even have a phone call from someone pretending to be from your internet provider or even your bank. They may ask you to log in to a site to sort out an issue regarding your account, these are all types of common scams you need to be aware of when using the internet. IF you have children on tablet, laptops or mobile devices be sure to check that the parental controls are set up adequately.

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