Is a doorbell camera sufficient security for my home?

For some homeowners having a full CCTV system installed is felt to be an unnecessary expense perhaps because they live in a low crime area, or their property is covered by a communal CCTV system. They may feel that all they need is to be able to see who is at their door and be able to communicate with the visitor. If this is the case then a doorbell camera may be a better choice.

Doorbell cameras are simple to install and far cheaper than a full CCTV system. The benefits of a doorbell camera can be seen particularly for the older generation who may live alone and want to be able to see who is at the door before they open it and even speak to them through the intercom system that is usually part of the whole doorbell system. The cameras which are an integral part of the doorbell can either record continually or record when movement is detected, and the footage can be viewed on a mobile phone or for an extra cost a separate screen.

Some more sophisticated doorbell camera systems can be connected to the internet so that in real time the footage from the camera can be seen. This is especially useful if the occupants are on holiday or at work.

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