Is crime on the rise?

Over the last 12 months in UK has been in and out of lockdown. To start with, when the country first went in to tight lockdown back in March 2020, crime rates seemed to drop pretty much everywhere across the UK, but over the lats few months, this seems to have started to creep up again. The other fact that has come to light is the type of crimes being committed are changing. Because many people are struggling for money, crimes where they can make a quick buck with little risk is on the rise. Once crime that we have seen soar recently is stelling dogs. Lockdown has bought with it a high price hike in puppy prices. Puppies that used to coat around £300 are no selling for in excess of £1000 making them a popular target for criminals. This sad but true fact has lead to a number of owners losing their beloved pets and having little way of finding them.

It is important that we all stay vigilant during this time. It is likely as lockdown starts to lift, we may see an increase again in other types of crimes such as house burglaries (as people start to venture out more.)

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