The next generation of burglar alarms

If you are unfortunately the victim of burglary you become keenly aware of the need to protect your home and property and may consider getting a burglar alarm system fitted.

The traditional type of alarm often called a bells-only alarm usually consists of a box with an alarm sounder and then sensors or detectors placed around the home usually by doors and windows. The alarm is controlled by a panel with a fob or key that will activate the alarm either at night-time or when you leave the house. This type of burglar alarm although still available has become less popular recently as more people are choosing so called smart alarm systems for their homes but if you want a cheaper option, bell-only alarms are less expensive.

Smart alarm systems work by using a mobile phone app to control your alarm and to receive alerts. These rely on your home internet which can have drawbacks if your internet signal is not stable. The absence of a sounder box on the exterior of the house which acts as a deterrent is also a downside of this system however the option to be able to view the interior of the premises remotely and set the alarm when not at home is an advantage to those out at work.

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