The risks of using IP cameras

IP cameras are a very popular choice when it comes to wanting a low cost CCTV security system for your home or business. They have been around for a good few years now and have advanced to allow for easy access of the footage and easy initial set up. These cameras provide live video and audio feeds that you can access remotely using an internet browser. Unfortunately these types of cameras are susceptible to digital snooping and can often be accessed by others, meaning that security features should be key when you are deciding on which one to buy.

The video footage that is recorded or transmitted from an IP camera should be encrypted otherwise others will be able to access it and see exactly when you are in or out of your home. When shopping for an IP camera you need to check how they store and transmit the footage and what security features are in place to ensure the device is not hacked and your footage shown to the whole world.

An IP camera in your home or office will transmit the data to your router, look for a camera that supports current wireless security protocols, like WPA2. If you access your camera’s video feed remotely, your camera will send information further your home router via the internet. This will need additional security such as SSL/ TLS.



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