Is crime on the rise?

Over the last 12 months in UK has been in and out of lockdown. To start with, when the country first went in to tight lockdown back in March 2020, crime rates seemed to drop pretty much everywhere across the UK, but over the lats few months, this seems to have started to creep up […]

Installing a camera doorbell

Over the last couple of years security systems have become a more common feature inside and outside people’s homes. The lower cost of CCTV systems have made them accessible to many more people and the IP cameras and fairly easy to set up so you don’t even need to use a specialist company to install […]

Front door security

Your front door is very important when it comes to security. There are a huge number of different types of doors and locks and not all of them are as good as each other. Firstly, if you have the old type of door that is wooden and has a glass section then you should replace […]

Use CCTV to protect your garden now

Many people regard their garden as an extension of their indoor living space and spend a great deal of money on garden furniture and features. If there is a pond in the garden it can contain fish such as koi carp that are expensive to replace and so now more than ever it is important […]