Considering office security

If you are a business owner then you will probably be conscious about office security. It my be that you keep money on site or have large amounts of valuable stock or possibly that the equipment you use such as computers, is of high value. Although you may have insurance that will cover you should […]

Security for your garage

If you have a garage at your home then you may well use it to store either your car or expensive tools and equipment such as bikes, lawn mowers and power tools. It is important to ensure that your garage is safe and secure and if it is away from your home, that you can […]

Improving your garden security

When we think of security for our homes we often study our houses to make sure that they are secure and that it would be hard for someone to break in to, but the first place we should really start is with the garden or driveway. Over the last few years garden thefts are on […]

Security during the summer months

With the temperatures hotting up it can be easy to start to become complacent with security at home. During the winter months, when the nights (and sometimes days) are cold and dark we tend to remember to lock all our doors and windows when going out or going to bed, but during the summer months […]

Finding a security firm you can trust

If you have business premises then you will need to think about the security of the building, contents and possibly your staff members. Some industries require higher levels of security than others, for example, a bank needs to be very secure with security doors, windows and possible security staff members on hand. In the UK, […]